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Welcome to the official website of Damian Fowler, Founder & CEO of D.Wolf Brands, a Brand Management & Parent Company based in Omaha, Nebraska.

quoteWhether you're looking for a Graphic Designer, found my website through a social media post, or met me at an event and received my business card – I am excited to see where the future takes our relationship. Thank you for visiting. - D. Fowler

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quoteWith almost two decades of Graphic Design & Web Development experience, I continue to get excited for new projects that challenge me creatively.

If you have an exciting new project, send Damian a message to discuss your goals. If needed, he may mobilize the talented team at his graphic design & marketing subsidiary, Burlingame Wolf.

Email Icondf@dfowler.design

About Damian

Damian Fowler Profile ImageBorn in the State of Maine, Damian was raised by his mother, a woman with the spirit to do whatever it took to take care of her family, & by his grandmother, a nurse who started her career in the United States Marine Corps & retired from the Veterans Affairs hospital at Togus. Together these strong women instilled in him the entrepreneurial spirit & the drive to help others.

Growing up, Damian had a strong aptitude for art & design; Other interests included business management, cooking, & running a retail or e-commerce shop. Full of business ideas and career paths, he was often told by those outside of his family to ‘choose his path,’ but no one could answer the question of ‘why?’ Determined to forge his path & become his own boss, he moved forward with starting his own business.

Leaving the coast and lush wilderness of Maine behind, Damian moved to Omaha, Nebraska, in his early 20s after meeting the love of his life, & future wife, Victoria. Together they have started putting down roots with the Omaha area proving to be culturally & geographically ideal for starting a business.

For Damian, it’s crucial not only to do what you want in life, to leave your mark on the world, but also to give back when you can. He firmly believes that business owners have a strong moral obligation to help their communities. Damian describes D.Wolf Brands as his ‘playground,’ a place that allows him to do whatever he likes but can also be used as a vehicle to give back.

With almost two decades of Graphic Design, Web Development, & Brand Management experience, Damian continues to build his family of companies, deepen his ties with the community, & sees a strong future ahead.

quoteI’ve been lucky to have immense support from my family and close friends, but the loudest voice was always my grandmother. She always believed in me and always pushed me to do better. Watching over me, she is represented by the shooting star in the D.Wolf Brands’ logo & the use of her maiden name in one of my companies. Rest in peace, Nancy Burlingame.

Dressed as the Ninja Turtles' techie, Donatello, with my brother during Halloween in the early 90s. The holiday, costuming, & nerd culture would continue to be an important part of my life.
Always learning. Always growing. Each day trying to better my business & myself.
Pictured on a replica set of the hit sitcom 'Roseanne'; This series had an impact on me while growing up and I was excited for the photo opportunity during an event.
'Dress for the job you want' - Some guy who never had to wear a tie. Probably.

The Business

D.Wolf Brands Logo on Background
D.Wolf Brands - Founder & CEO

A brand management & parent company, D.Wolf Brands' purpose is to house, oversee, & manage the subsidiary companies. As he describes it, Damian's "playground" enables him to start new ventures that he feels are important to him and allows him to give back to his community.
... Visit DWolfBrands.com

Giving Back

quoteWhen you’re in a position to help others, when you’re able to take care of your own but can then give to others, I think you should. If you’re a business owner, I believe it becomes your responsibility to help those you can.

While pursuing multiple avenues to give back to his community, Damian can be most prominently seen working with the Ghostbusters: Nebraska Division – an Omaha-based non-profit that works with local events and charities to help raise awareness and fundraising.

An avid 80’s film fan, Damian will be found dressing head to toe in Ghostbusters gear to help organizers at their events and driving his Ghostbusters-themed car, The EctoK9 Unit, around town and at special events.

Damian, donning his gear & uniform, posing next to The EctoK9 Unit.
The EctoK9 Unit setup for an event and ready to bust the giant inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man parked behind it.
Damian, The EctoK9 Unit, and members of Ghostbusters - Nebraska Division at an event.
The EctoK9 Unit at an event with the Nebraska Ghostbusters banner.

quoteA bit eccentric? Maybe. But what creative personality isn’t, at least a little? Use your superpowers for good.

... with more to come, I'm quite sure. My passion & determination in business, love for art, and need to create will never be extinguished. Please feel free to send me a message, a new project? A question? I’d love to hear from you.


map iconOmaha, NE, USA

email icondf@dfowler.design

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